Full Version: Case Mod Opening for Serial Console Slider Switch
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I've been working on a Pinebook case mod which will safely expose the serial console slider switch on the main board without dismantling the Pinebook every time;  that was getting old fast-- ten tiny little screws ( its a miracle I have lost none of them yet ) !


The pic above is the slider switch;  look to the upper left of the pic and you'll see the pencil marks for the proposed dremel styrene work. The switch is in from the side 1.1 - 1.7 cm  and down from the back 8.1 - 8.2 cm.


I chose a 1.0mm carbonide cutting wheel for the dremel tool; do this from the underneath side cause it makes one dandy mess, but it cleans up nicely with a sharp modeling knife and a nail file.  Tip:  practice on another piece of styrene first ;  dremels take some getting used to.


This is the case opening after cleanup;  there is still ample protection, things will stay out of there, but the switch may be accessed easily.


Final pic is my high intensity 9 LED flashlight illuminating the slider switch inside the Pinebook case.  I use a simple slider switch access tool (toothpic) and voilà  !