Full Version: Win10 IoT (PINE A64(+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602
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(06-04-2017, 11:41 PM)Pineadmin Wrote: [ -> ]Win10 IoT (PINE A64 (+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602 .

Buenas , a alguien le ha arrancado el sistema operativo de windows10 iot, en su pine64+ de 2gb....Porque el archivo cuando lo descargo esta en extension .ffu
Lo intento grabar a la sd me da error no me carga el sistema en la single booard..pero otros sistemas si me funcionan....Gracias espero su apoyo y respuesta...

Well, someone has booted the operating system of windows10 iot, in its pine64 + 2gb .... Because the file when I download it is in extension .ffu
I try to burn to the sd gives me error I do not load the system in the single booard..but other systems if I work .... Thanks I hope your support and response ...

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hi, i don't know if you reed the forum or not ! but when you have the .ffu file then you have to install "IoT Dashboard setup.exe" too. that soft is from Microsoft for installing the file on your micro SD card. it really is pretty easy !
and it works like a charm. the biggest problem is the speed. i think if you need a good speed you need to use emmc chips. and remember for the first time boot it will take 10 to 20 minutes .
best regards,
there are new updates and new version of win10 iot. it has been a month since i have seen it and install it on raspberry pi. when are you going to give us that and the drivers ?
I have tried 3 different ffu files and never get past the spinning wheel on Getting things ready page.
I really want to be able to use IOT on the Pine for many reasons.
Where can i find the most up to date version? Eventually per a commercialization thing with Microsoft a custom ffu has to be built also.
Will there be a way to get the necessary files for this?
pine64 has been dancing around the win10 thing for 1 1/2 years. every once in awhile releasing something that does not work. and then never trying to fix it. you can draw whatever conclusions you want from this but my conclusion is if you need a win10 iot system do not use any pine64 boards. it's pretty simple. pine64 has shown no intention of offering a working package. they simply do not have what it takes either in hardware / software or developer support.
I have noticed that as well with responses from them. However i want to break away from PI which my application was originally written for because of hardware. The Pine has a 3.5 AV Input/Output. the need to use usb on PI is painful for my application because i have to do enumeration. Its written in .net C#. Have thought about porting to mono but that is just as painful. The board itself i love but really need software support and the packaging to make the ffu per the Microsoft agreement.
the best hardware i have found for a good win10 iot is the minnowboard turbot. sure it is more expensive than the standard sbc crap but it works and that is priceless in my book. just stop movies or eating out if you need to but get away from the crap when it comes to a system you need to work for a specific project.
Problem is i really want that audio input that this board has.
At the price of the minnow board my production cost would go up and maybe put me out of the price range i need to be in to be competitive with what i am building.
Already get pre orders if and when i get it complete.
that's a huge "if". i don't see anything happening on any of the boards that amounts to serious interest on the part of pine64. they get very little real dedicated support from allwinner. pine64 has said software dev comes from community for most part. no one from community has showed up to take on win10 iot. i do not quite understand what you are waiting for under the circumstances. don't expect pine64 to post that to any outside builders expecting win10 iot that they are no longer supporting win10 iot on their boards. it should have already happened.
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