Full Version: Pine64 as Security Camera / Baby Monitor
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I'm looking for any guides, pointers, etc for setting up my pine64 as a security camera. I have no idea what goes on in my downstairs (dang cats!). I'd like to mount this up in the corner in the hallway and be able to connect via browser and watch a live scream; just on my local LAN for the moment.

for me, android 5.1 dated 7/11 would be best image at this time to use for this project. android offers several security/monitor camera apps, the issue being how each app uses camera, most of these use rear camera. for me the biggest issue is the short cable length for the camera. i have not had success in using longer cable with a connector to give camera angles more options.
but my guess is it's a thing that you could get set up.
i'm Just after some advice on what's the best Baby Monitor?
I'm a first time mum, so everything is very new and the information is overwhelming.