Full Version: Pine64 / V 13x Serial Port wrong permissions /ttyUSB0
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i am using dietPi with Pine 64 and Raspi 2B.

Arduino is connected to raspi /Pine 64 and write/receive data.

Problem i have is, that everything is fine with Raspi, but Pine does have 660 permission. 

If i change it to 666 and use it as root, it starting to work for couple seconds and i get Error serial port ttyUSB0 is not open, unable to write.!

when i install debian ->standard image, serial is it starting to work fine..


I Love DietPi!!!! I want to use it as Image for this open source Home automation Project = ioBROKER ( , which can be used for everything (sonos, mysesnsors, hue etc..)

hi , please read this entire thread (start at the beginning) and then perhaps post your query there.

(closing this thread)