Full Version: RTC Battery Module
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Hey guys.

My question regarding RTC is:
For normal use of Pine64, lets say RemixOS, Linux (in future), Kodi, etc. Is the RTC a requirement or a must have?

Speaking as someone that uses various similar types of board RTC is more of a want feature than a requirement.
Once the internet is up and running getting accurate time is a mere NTP call away.
And note, the Raspberry Pi does not have a real time clock, unless you had an i2c real time clock.

If you are going to be running your pine64 stand-alone with no networking, and no GPS unit, you might want to buy the battery connection to keep the time accurate. Note, the Pine64 has a real time clock inside of it, what the add-on part provides is a connection so that you can use a coin style battery to keep the RTC powered when the main unit is not powered. A non-rechargeable coin cell should last several years.