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Hardware switches - eaglecup - 05-29-2020

I've read that there will be one hardware switch near the SD card slot that toggles serial acces.

I cannot find anything about hardware switches (such as those found on the Pinephone) for other built-in hardware, such as the microphone and cameras.
Is this correct?

If so, would the tablet still be functional if a user decices to remove the cameras and/or microphone? Are these parts modular or soldered onto the board?

RE: Hardware switches - Danct12 - 05-29-2020

There is only one switch near the SD card slot, and it's for serial access.

And yes, the cameras are modular, so if you don't use it, just open it up and remove it, though the microphone is soldered.

I've attached the image of the motherboard below, so you can get the idea of which is modular/not modular.

[Image: ECQVz3GW4AATBbL2.jpg]

RE: Hardware switches - eaglecup - 05-30-2020

Thanks. I had been looking at the picture earlier actually. I had read that the microphone was in the top-right corner on the Postmarket OS wiki.

I'm sorry to hear it's soldered on. It looks removable? If it's soldered on, then the choice to not have a hardware switch for it is very surprising to me. If those red and black twisted wires are for the microphone, perhaps a switch could be modded in later?

RE: Hardware switches - lary - 06-15-2020

I am also wondering why are there no privacy switches similar to pinephone, seems like an absolute for another Pine64 product .
For me and couple of friends Linux OS and privacy switches are the first reasons for interest in pine64 products.
was planing on buying pinetab but without privacy switches have to sadly put it on hold .

RE: Hardware switches - bcnaz - 06-16-2020

The problem with "internal privacy switches"  is they are "internal"    You must open your device every time you wish to change them.

If you are the adventuresome type,   perhaps a push-on  push-off switch could be added somewhere on the case ?

a small switch may not be that hard to add,    there is a wider than average bezel around the screen on the PineTab.

The microphone for example has a twisted pair of wires (I think)  that would not be too difficult to extend those wires to a switch.
    a ribbon cable would be slightly more complex to 'tap into'  or a module soldered on the board would be very complex for a 'end user' to work with.

The PineTab is not 'sealed' up,    so a small extra hole is not really going to compromise the the integrity.