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Power supply confusement. - hvdkooij - 05-24-2020


Silly me. But I have been looking on and but I find the details about the powersupply a bit vague.

The only info I could find was on where it said: Power Supply included, comes with both US and EU plugs

But I would suggest a slghty more organised way of presenting the information in the store.

Regards, Hugo.

RE: Power supply confusement. - jiyong - 05-24-2020

Previously you had to specify US or EU plug.
Good to see they will ship both.
In my cased they shipped the US plug with the ANSI model, although I had indicated EU plug.
The power supply is universal, but you have to connect the plug yourself.

in my case it was no problem, as I have US plug adapters and I don't use the shipped PSU, but I charge through the USB-C port.