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Exposed vias for RGMII Ethernet - ky56 - 05-22-2020

I have not been able to find a board layout of the traces so far and I was wondering if there are vias for each the RK3399 balls are exposed on the under side pcb? If not would you consider making a future version of the PineBook Pro with Ethernet? Or at least breaking out the RGMII pins on a future board revision?

RE: Exposed vias for RGMII Ethernet - Arwen - 05-22-2020

Ideally, the next version of the main board would include other things brought to the edge of the board.
Either as simple solder pads, or miniature connector solder pads.

- The other 2 USB 2.x ports, from an internal USB 2.x hub.
- Various power voltages, (5v, 3.3v, etc...)
- Possibly any un-used SPI channels