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Open board design - janat08 - 05-18-2020

I haven't the search functionality on these forums, but someone must have considered using PBP with alter sbc like substantially more powerful odroid-n1.

RE: Odroid n2 swap in? - xmixahlx - 05-18-2020

the odroid n1 was the same soc rk3399. the n2 is S922X and not substantially better, nor is the form factor suitable for the pbp.

it does seem reasonable to make an improved mainboard, or more ambitiously have a separate laptop shell with several mainboard options.

that's a ways off...

RE: Odroid n2 swap in? - janat08 - 05-18-2020

Oh right, I don't know which board I thought was an upgrade to the rockchip. With the rockchip upgrade coming out in 2 years, I'd prefer to jump between boards, 15 inch pbp plz?