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Possible Software To Debian PBP From Debian Intel - jcj52436999 - 04-28-2020

Given the social separation we are keeping these days, much of our business is being conducted over Zoom, and the like, but almost all is Zoom.  

It would be great if the Zoom that now functions on Ubu Intel could be recompiled to run on Debs PBP?  Clearly no one has a lot of spare time, but it would be a plus for PBP to gain Zoom function!  

And similar pluses could be said for cross-compiles of Brave, Discord, Slack, and Sublime. 

Is there a source for these that I have not found, or is there simply no source available please?

RE: Possible Software To Debian PBP From Debian Intel - tophneal - 04-28-2020

There's actually a thread dealing with Zoom already. Currently your best/only real option is to use Zoom through an SD install of Android. You can try the Chrome extension, but it hasn't worked for most. Zoom is closed source, so if they will have to release the ARM version. The staff has stated on their dev forums that with enough expressed interest they'll make an ARM package. Reach out to them.

Discord - use gtkcord3, or the website. Both work well.
Slack - officially, they announced ARM support being in development last year, there's also a browser extension, the option to use it with site login, and this old Xenial package you can try:
Sublime Text - Found a post where the devs of Sublime pretty much label developing an ARM variant a waste of their time, so you might be better looking at some alternatives instead: