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Pine A64+ mainline mipi-dsi - Learnincurve - 04-27-2020


  Kernel 5.6 is out and mipi-dsi is finally in there, so the pine lcd screen (feiyang) should now finally work with the mainline kernel.

  Can anyone say how to set this up?  Armbian is available with this kernel through build scripts and nightly builds, but I can't work out how to set up uboot, to initialize the mipi-dsi pipeline.

Any help greatly appreciated!



RE: Pine A64+ mainline mipi-dsi - roel - 04-28-2020

Probably it has to be done in the dts and not in uboot.

RE: Pine A64+ mainline mipi-dsi - Learnincurve - 04-28-2020

You're quite right.

There is now a working sopine64 image with the correct DTS, however, I'm not techie enough to be able to take that and apply the pine64+ addressing.

Was reckoning, that as the kernel to fully support mipi-dsi is now available, that others would also be intersted and that a DTS tree or patches might already be available.

I think this is the patch for the sopine64:

RE: Pine A64+ mainline mipi-dsi - Learnincurve - 01-12-2021

The latest Armbian images now fully support the 7" pine64 touchscreen, including DT bindings.
When using Armbian with the screen, disregard the instruction on the Armbian Pine64 download page to enable the screen by setting
in /boot/armbianEnv.txt

Instead, use the hardware category in the armbian-config utility.

The module to load for the touchscreen is "goodix". Not "gt9xxf_ts" as instructen on the Armbian download page.

There is an issue with the goodix touchscreen when rebooting. The goodixi2c connection sometimes fails. The workaround for this for the moment is to shutdown and cold boot.