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Pinebook Pro versions? - geokon - 04-07-2020

I was looking at the instruction for installing ayufan's Ubuntu and came across this compatibility list:

It says pinebook pro v1 doesn't work... How do I determine which version I have? Since I was in the first/second batch.. I assume I have the v1. If so.. can I order some replacement part or something to make things work? I've been keeping up with the news but I didn't notice an announcement for changes in the internals other than the plastic composition

RE: Pinebook Pro versions? - Arwen - 04-07-2020

My takeway from that chart, is the v1 are prototypes, used for hardware development. Limited release.

So I assume us normal end users have either v2 or v2.1 models.

I could be wrong.

RE: Pinebook Pro versions? - xmixahlx - 04-07-2020

more guesses: v1 is the first batch, v2 the second and v2.1 ANSI version

RE: Pinebook Pro versions? - Der Geist der Maschine - 04-07-2020

This was already discussed here

RE: Pinebook Pro versions? - geokon - 04-08-2020

(04-07-2020, 03:51 PM)Der Geist der Maschine Wrote: This was already discussed here

Thank you

RE: Pinebook Pro versions? - geokon - 04-08-2020

I added a section to the wiki: