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Arm supported software - nabeel - 03-18-2020

Hi all, 

I got my pinebook pro a few days ago and its been amazing. Sadly thou i can't find a predefined list of arm supported apps. Does visual studio work on arm? I also can't seem to get working both on chromium and firefox. (Something about drm.) 

I've installed the latest version of Manjaro KDE and its something. Sadly I can't see where i can add value. My background is in product/digital design so i know how to design and not build  Big Grin

Maybe i missed the supported arm software wiki page. 

Thanks for reading.

RE: Arm supported software - tophneal - 03-18-2020

The DRM is likely Google's Widevine (the same DRM required to watch Netflix.) Unfortunately, Google has not made a Widevine package for the aarch64 userspace (which Manjaro and most other OSes run on the PBP.) There are CLI Spotify-connectable apps that you can use instead.