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Ayufan LXDE with Teamviewer or Dwservice? - cenicero - 03-14-2020

i would like to give you some feedback regarding the Rock 64 image. I have been using Ayufan LXDE image (version 0.83) for one year with Teamviewer and Dwservice and working fine. At my company several colleagues have done the same (Ayufan LXDE 0.83 + or Teamviewer) without problems.

Nowadays i have updated to 0.94 LXDE version and all have suddenly stopped working. Even we have gone back to 0.83 and neither works. We get a blank screen, we can move mouse or type anything when connected on remote but cannot see the screen. It happens as in as in Teamviewer.

Looking at forums of Teamviewer, it seems it is due a bug of the graphical driver or the graphical system. Contacting to, they have connected to both versions and are neither able to identify the problem, they also say it is a problem of the graphical environment.

Has anybody feedback of this issue or a workaround?