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eMMC question - __alec - 03-11-2020

A year ago, I bought a Rock64 with a 64GB FORESEE eMMC. The Rock64 works great, and I want to buy another one (or maybe RockPro64).

But I didn't like the experience with the eMMC, and I'm considering the options.

When I initially set it up, it caused tons of errors until I found somewhere to build the dtb with max-frequency decreased to 150000000. This resolved the issue, but left me a bit concerned. It looks like others had similar issues as well.

I was researching whether it was possible to use the odroid emmc module, and then I found that on the Rock64 Wiki it lists datasheets of eMMC modules from other vendors:

Quote:eMMC information:

Does that mean that not all the eMMC modules are FORESEE? Is it possible to get a SanDisk or a Hynix one?

RE: eMMC question - __alec - 03-14-2020

Sent an email to sales, and got a quick response:

Quote:Dear Alec,

Thank you for your message.

The 64GB EMMC we have been changed to SanDisk brand for a year or plus. Don't mind you make a note request SanDisk ones.

Pine64 team

Good news!