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OctoPrint on Pine64 - Spaz - 05-03-2016

I got my Pine64 setup using the latest Debian and setup OctoPrint. While the software appears to be working the serial USB (/dev/ttyACM0) doesn't seem to exist so I can't connect to my printer. Has anyone gotten OctoPrint to work using the distros Pine64 has provided?

RE: OctoPrint on Pine64 - Spaz - 05-04-2016

I finally got it to work but it wasn't of my doing as the ttyACM0 finally appeared.

RE: OctoPrint on Pine64 - jetjetonik - 07-02-2016

I have resently received my pine 64 and I was wondering how install Octoprint on it. How did you set up it ? Did you follow a tutorial or something like that ?
If you can explain me how did you do it ll be cool. I tryed to install it on ubuntu, but nothing works ....

RE: OctoPrint on Pine64 - Spaz - 07-04-2016

I used this setup page:

and the Debian image.