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What is default password? - quixote - 02-13-2020

I don't remember being prompted to set one. Once the screen locked, it needs a password to get back in.  I'm pretty sure I saw a default password mentioned in one of these forums, but now that I need it I can't find it.

Please help! Don't want to reinstall....

RE: What is default password? - wibble - 02-13-2020
Assuming you're using the demo image, and they haven't changed it since...

RE: What is default password? - quixote - 02-13-2020

Thank you! Yes, that worked and, yes, that was the page where I'd seen it before. Back to playing with my phone Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

RE: What is default password? - PureTryOut - 02-20-2020

Note that the page where the images are located ( does say what the default password is.

RE: What is default password? - K_Research - 09-09-2020

How do you reset your password my current one is not working or I forgot what I entered

RE: What is default password? - jeem - 11-02-2020

I received my new PineTab and set it up, and experimented with it.  Looks great!  I noted my password and now, when I enter it, a message saying it is incorrect appears.  When I originally entered it, I could find no way to make it show me the password.  Also, this is my first experience with a tablet and using the onscreen keyboard was difficult as the onscreen keys are so small.  In other words, I could have made an error and not noticed it.

So, I've tried to enter recovery mode (if it even exists) as I do succesfully in Ubuntu on my laptop in order to change the password.  Using the Shift key doesn't work.  I've also tried ctrl+F!, F2, and F7 and that doesn't work.

I've also tried various versions of the password replacing key strokes that I may have made in error and still haven't cracked it.

Please, can you help me so I can use this wonderful tablet?  I'd hate to think I wasted my money.


RE: What is default password? - wibble - 11-03-2020

You've not wasted your money - if all else fails you can reinstall the OS using an SD card. If you don't have anything important on the tablet yet then this is probably the easiest option, and will make sure you're fully up to date too. See for options, and installation instructions below that. If you want to try resetting the password you'll probably want to boot from SD card anyway and use the chroot method - I've not tried it on a PinePhone or PineTab but there are multiple generic guides if you search for 'linux chroot password reset' to point you in the right direction. Someone here might have an easier alternative though.

For future reference you've posted this in the PinePhone section of the forum rather than the PineTab one. For this query it doesn't make much difference, but for other queries it might.