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Pinebook Pro - change default user - fonske - 01-23-2020

Hi all,

First thing we did was make another user than "rock" with the adduser command. Should've changed the password of "rock" immediately I guess.
The new user logged us in a gnome desktop with no functional trackpad.
When Chrome was launched (logged in as "rock") we saw "" was already installed.

We followed the steps in the under 2.1.1 to change from "rock" to another user.

Chrome was removed because going to settings to try to remove Fres-news always gave an error once you move the pointer in the settings tab.

1) Anyone else got infected by fres-news?
2) If anyone could tell me how to add users to Mate desktop, I'd be grateful.

RE: Pinebook Pro - change default user - FeMike - 01-26-2020

Check out this thread in regards to chrome settings.

As for adding user can't help there as all I did was change the password and renamed rock to my name.

RE: Pinebook Pro - change default user - dlester1964d - 02-24-2020

I was using xarchiver to extract an android image I downloaded.  I received an error message during this and now I can only login as root. 

I can no longer login as rock.

It tries to login when I login as rock but it just keeps coming back to the login.

Any ideas how to fix?