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down arrow having problems - bsammon - 01-22-2020

Just got my PBP yesterday.  Most of the stuff looks good.  One big problem I am having is that the
down-arrow cursor key is not working so well.  Like it's registering double-touches when I hit it once, or thinking I'm holding it down when I press it briefly.  It's making it quite frustrating when I have to navigate text-mode menus (which I've found myself doing a few times).

Anybody else having this problem?
Is it already discussed in another thread that I can't find?

I'm running version 1.9 of the OS according to /usr/share/myver
I've done the keyboard/trackpad firmware upgrade, and I think it went fine, but I'm not sure how to double-check that (I suppose I could just try to run it again).

RE: down arrow having problems - bsammon - 01-24-2020

I should add that this problem doesn't happen with an external keyboard.

RE: down arrow having problems - bsammon - 01-25-2020

So, I played around with xev some, and it appears very much like the keyswitch for the down arrow is much more sensitive than the other keyswitches. Regular presses often resulted in multiple key-press and key-release events. I could trigger key-press events with very little force on the down arrow button. And occasionally, pressing the up-arrow button would trigger down-arrow events as well as up-arrow events.

Also, worse-case-scenario -- I might just remove the down arrow key.

How do i remove keys? I'm not very familiar with these types of keyboards--do the keys remove the same way as in my old Thinkpad?