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Hardware video decoding question - sgx2 - 01-14-2020

Well, my PBP (ANSI) arrived yesterday! Smile

It's been great fun to use so far -- I've even updated the keyboard and trackpad firmware (after finding an external keyboard after step 1 and a panicked moment), then discovered that my 5V power supply seems to be dead -- so I am borrowing a 3A USB power supply with a USB A to C cable and charging (sloooowly - about 1% an hour) through USB-C.

So - to my question - I've been reading that there are some kernel options to enable VPU decoding, but they don't seem to be configured with the kernel that shipped with the unit (or, rather, then one the Mr.Fixit script updated me to).  Is this still an important step in maximizing performance?  If so, what are the best next steps?


RE: Hardware video decoding question - RotatingNut - 01-15-2020

This is also a thing that I'd like to know a little more about, as I read in the PBP wiki that there are certain kernel options regarding hardware decoding, however I don't know whether they're enabled by default or not. I think in general it would be nice to have a wiki section about performance optimisation for the PBP, which would be a great help for users that are looking into daily-ing their PBPs.