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Disable auto power on? - cel - 12-22-2019

Is it possible to disable the feature of the Pinebook booting up when plugged into power? When I have my Pinebook 11" 1080P plugged into an intermittent power supply, it will start up when the power goes on, then stay running and discharging when the power is off. When it is plugged in and running, the battery doesn't charge, so I need to be able to keep it off so it will charge. The auto power on interferes with that. For example, I might leave it plugged in and powered off overnight to charge, only to find in the morning that it discharged almost to zero because the power went off and on, and maybe off again. Trying to charge the computer from a vehicle's power outlet also becomes impractical, because the vehicle's power goes off and on.

There is also a thread for this issue in the Pinebook Pro: