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transfer to ssd - georgetina1 - 12-19-2019

I am sure I have seen the procedure to transfer an existing image on a sd card to a bootable ssd connected to USB 3 but cannot find the detail. Can you help please. What format should I use on the ssd. The image I wish to transfer is ubuntu 18.04 LXDE. I am using this to run opencpn navigation sofware with ais overlay and it runs well.

RE: transfer to ssd - dukla2000 - 12-20-2019

I do not have a Rock64 so cannot be 100% sure, but would imagine it is the same as a RockPro64. In which case you have to keep the SDcard as the boot device, but can move everything else to the SSD.
Instructions to achieve that areĀ in the RockPro64 wiki here.

I note there are instructions in Ayufan github here to achieve what you actually asked - seems you can use USB as the boot device!