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OMV/debian/systemd: how to start the network - kittyland - 12-10-2019


I've been using ayufan's OMV for some time. Lately, after some updates, and a reboot, it would not boot properly, and after anpther reboot, it would not boot at all and leave no human readable traces on the SD card.

With some serial connection, it turns out that it boots after all, it just stays invisible.

One of the USB disks has acquired USB connection troubles (btw is there any way to get any USB hard disk working with any SBC? These are extremely rare). Which turns out to be the only backdoor into the system.

Without the broken USB disk, systemd starts some things (notably excluding the network, preventing any troubleshooting), then it complains about the missing disks, it also once ran a (preparation? prerequisite? I cannot remember) job for OMV, with no time limit, and yes it actually never finishes. There is no way to get in and debug or fix anything, all I can do is ... well ... "watch s..omething scroll by".

With the broken USB disk, it goes into maintenance mode, and can demonstrate that indeed the network can be started, there is no reason to hold back.

How can I change the systemd configuration to just start the network? And ssh, rsyslog, ntp at the very least?

thanks a lot