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Enclosure for under $10 - S.A.RN. - 04-29-2016

I made it by buying a thin sheet of acrylic at lowes under $8. Cut and drilled it. So far no problems. Running remix os with kodi (about the only thing I know how to do. New to all of this)

[Image: image_zpstrinouqn.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsxy9yg65v.jpg]

RE: Enclosure for under $10 - queonda - 04-30-2016

Very nice. Do you have the part number or where located in the store?

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RE: Enclosure for under $10 - Keex - 05-05-2016

Nice work, I might give it a try

RE: Enclosure for under $10 - Luke - 05-05-2016

I have a 3d printed case on the way, but I like this much much better. I take that you had to cut the acrylic yourself to the desired size ?

RE: Enclosure for under $10 - Keex - 05-21-2016

I actually gave it a try and it worked rather nicely. I had some trouble cutting the acrylic glass and opted to use a Dremel with diamond blade. That led to the edges being quite rough. I sanded it down a bit though. How did you do it?

I used 2 mm acrylic sheets (3€ for more than enough), M3 threaded wire that I cut down to 4.5 cm pieces for the legs and normal steel nuts.
To drill holes into the acrylic without cracking it I first pinched an indent into it at the correct spots and then used the Dremel again, this time with a needle type diamond tip to first drill through in a smaller diameter. The final 3mm hole I then drilled out using a simple hand drilling tool.
After assembly, I put some heatshrink on the end of each leg.

Thanks for the idea!

Here are some pictures:

[Image: SmLSwkU.jpg]

[Image: kQXNnBc.jpg]

[Image: MEENIbl.jpg]

RE: Enclosure for under $10 - brf - 05-21-2016

(05-21-2016, 02:04 PM)Keex Wrote: Thanks for the idea!
I agree.  Simple, easy, practical and functional.  You must be an engineer !!  :-)