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Internal Speaker Modification - hmuller - 12-07-2019

The internal speakers are secured to the palm rest with adhesive. Additionally there is adhesive on the foam attached to the speakers facing the bottom magnesium cover.

When disassembling the bottom cover from the palm rest the speakers pull off the palm rest, sticking to the bottom cover. Although this is not a huge problem, this exercises the speaker wires more than I like.

The solution I devised way to apply plastic wrap (common food wrap, not cellophane) to the foam on the speakers. I then used a pair of scissors to trim the plastic wrap around the outer perimeter of the foam. Then I carefully cut a slit within the inner perimeter of the foam and then used the scissors to trim the plastic wrap within the inner perimeter of the foam.

This prevents the speakers from attaching to the bottom magnesium case. They remain attached to the palm rest and the speaker wires remain undisturbed when the bottom case is removed from the palm rest.

The sound quality of the speakers remains the same as before the fix, but in full disclosure I have old man ears with specific frequency impairment in one ear. My good ear can not discern any difference.

Update: 17 DEC 2019:

This has been an effective solution. To improve the adhesion of the speakers to the palm rest assembly I used a dab of silicon adhesive under each speaker.