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Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - bcnaz - 11-26-2019

 Now that the Pinebook Pro is being perfected,

   How about a :   'Pinebook Pro Extreme'   ?

  1) a 19" Wide screen
  2) Maybe dual batteries
  3) Able to boot from the NVMe
  4) Larger Speakers that point up from the palmrest
   That would likely attract a lot of attention,
        Of Course it would cost a bit More,,,
   but it likely attract even more potential high end customers.

                   Just a thought  ?

***     "More than a utility device,  an entertainment center"  !    (?)   ***

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - GLSRacer - 11-26-2019

You lost me at 19 inch screen haha. If there were to be an extreme version, I'd like to see newer and more powerful arm core being used in a 4 + 4 big/little configuration, and a GPU with around 3x the performance for fluid 4k 60p video rendering. Reusing the current PBP chassis would be fine with me. Increased battery life is rarely a bad thing.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - bcnaz - 11-26-2019

The PBP is already High Def.,  the screen at 14" leaves it with rather small print for 'some of us'.
You can plug it into your TV if you want to take full advantage of the existing HD video output.
*   Though I would not throw out the idea of a 'hotter' gpu.
*  There are 'hotter' arm cpu's available that would not break the bank.
*  But,  keeping with the spirit of the Pinebook Pro,  
*   I would think the price of a 'Pinebook Pro Extreme' would still be 'priced very competitively'

*  SO,  Not  'The hottest' everything,  Just,  mostly Extremely LARGE....

**  BUT  That is MY  pipe dream.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - GLSRacer - 11-26-2019

If that's what you're after, perhaps "Pinebook Pro Plus" would be a better name.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - bcnaz - 11-26-2019

And still very portable
You may be correct on the name, but Extreme does sound more 'Catchy' ?

I DO like everything about this little PBP, just would like it even more with a bigger screen
* and larger louder speakers

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - Luke - 11-26-2019

Personally, I'm not convinced that a large PBP (from this generation) makes much sense. Reason being, large laptops are usually mobile workstations - and the PBP simply doesn't have the power to be a mobile workstation for video/photo-editing, 3D design/ processing, etc., so I feel like the 13-14in ultra-mobile form-factor suits it and its characteristics best.

Also, hope you don't mind but moving thread to general in Pinebook Pro sub-forum, where I feel this thread belongs.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - bcnaz - 11-26-2019

OK sure, thank you
Though I think it could possibly be considered an entertainment device without needing a bunch of power

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - Arwen - 11-26-2019

I'd rather see a replacement CPU board made available when the RK3588 comes out. Its a 4 + 4 BIG.little config, with lower power and other improvements. If the "shell" of the Pinebook Pro tends to hold up to reasonable usage, then some people may opt to upgrade it's guts. Others might buy the mythical "Pinebook Pro+".

When I looked at the original Pinebooks ayear ago, they just missed what I was looking for. Like 3 x USB. Or larger SSDs / second drive. Pinebook Pro hit all those and more, so I bought it.

Plus, instead of a monster laptop, I'd prefer to see the next generation a bit more hardware hackable. In that regard I can help, being a former Assistant Design Engineer for embedded computers. Like external access to internal switches, using a paper clip or such. And expansion pads where someone can solder either a connector or cable for internal extras.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - Arglebargle - 11-27-2019

+1 on the rk3588 mainboard train here. The 14" form-factor and weight/screen are perfect for me but I'd absolutely get behind a more powerful SoC baseboard.

If I had to pick two things I'd like to see in a premium PBP they'd be a more powerful baseboard and at least the option to spend extra money for a premium touchpad/chassis/keyboard with real multi-touch and better responsiveness. Given the option I'd happily drop decent money for both of those things even as DIY replacement parts.

RE: Pinebook Pro 'xtreme' - as400 - 11-27-2019

+1 on the RK3588 replacement board for existing PBP. Such thing should be much faster since the big cores are Cortex A76.