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Why no DVI-HDMI video? - Sequence - 04-28-2016


So I recently bought a new monitor for my Pine64 that has a DVI in. HDMI and DVI are both digital, so I bought a converter cable to connect my pine to the monitor. It doesn't work unfortunately (black screen.) I just googled it today and found on the wiki that...

"Do not use a DVI-HDMI adapter. If you want video output, use a HDMI cable direct to a HDMI monitor or TV. This may change as development continues."

Why is this? Would it work if I installed a different flavor of linux on my card instead of using the image given?

RE: Why no DVI-HDMI video? - Luke - 05-03-2016

No other favour or linux would remedy this. The display driver changes from RGB to YPbPr when using an adapter which is causing the problem you are experiencing. Some adapters work, others don't - I have no explanation as to why this is: