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Pinebook Pro Unboxing/Unbagging - B34N - 10-31-2019

Pinebook Pro Unboxing

I just received mine. I was in the first batch of 100 but didn't ship out of Hong Kong until yesterday. It arrived in US in less than 36 hours...which I find amazing.

I really love the feel of it. The magnesium alloy shell is great. The unit is thin. The bezels are also pretty thin. I did a side-by side comparison against an HP 830 G5 which costs at least 6x the Pinebook. 

This is my first ever YouTube video. I just wanted to show the quality the Pine could offer for under $200. If there is interest I will post more videos actually showing the Pinebook in action. 

Best regards,

RE: Pinebook Pro Unboxing/Unbagging - bcnaz - 10-31-2019

I look forward to more videos, hopefully a bit longer.

RE: Pinebook Pro Unboxing/Unbagging - jpakkane - 11-03-2019

Here is my unboxing video.

RE: Pinebook Pro Unboxing/Unbagging - B34N - 11-03-2019

(11-03-2019, 04:12 PM)jpakkane Wrote: Here is my unboxing video.

So much nicer than mine. Maybe not here, but I'd would love to learn how your filmed it. What equipment? What was your lighting? How was the camera positioned? How do you edit?

RE: Pinebook Pro Unboxing/Unbagging - jpakkane - 11-04-2019

I used a Canon EOS60D DSLR with a 17-55 lens on a tripod. The lighting was basically just all of my living room lights turned up, in fact in some clips you can clearly see luminosity fluctuations. I edited the result with PiTiVi. I guess it would have been possible, in theory, to edit the unboxing video on the PBpro itself, but it probably would have been too slow to be usable. Angel