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CE marking / documentation for EU import - tomatic - 10-16-2019


apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything...

Now that the first batch of PBPs has been shipped (I'm only in the – I think – third batch), I'm wondering / am a bit concerned with customs processing. I'm in Germany and customs here will not hand over electronics without any kind of CE (and possibly RoHS) certification and/or markings.

For the PB 1080 there are appropriate docs on the Wiki (, but that section on the PBP Wiki page is still empty ( 

Any idea as to when these docs will be available so I'd have something to show customs officials if there are any issues? Does the PBP have a CE marking? Anybody in the EU here who has already received their PBP and successfully gotten it through customs?


RE: CE marking / documentation for EU import - Corkonian - 11-02-2019

Over here in Ireland, all Customs is looking for is the €€€ that they extort from you

RE: CE marking / documentation for EU import - neilman - 11-02-2019

DHL handle the delivery from Pine64 source to your front door and fully deal with the necessary customs - no dodgy stuff like devaluing the package to $15 or anything.
Any determined customs import fees and VAT will be passed to you for online payment early in transit.
Following payment DHL will deliver the package in quite a short time it seems to almost anywhere.
You will have no direct interaction with customs.

RE: CE marking / documentation for EU import - tomatic - 11-03-2019

If there's no CE markings, customs won't clear the package, at least that's been my experience with some stuff I ordered from China. And if you can't provide any documentation regarding the CE conformity, customs will either send the package back or destroy it, as per my choice. But they won't hand it over.