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Media server - montero65 - 04-27-2016

My plan is to set up my Pine to use as a media server, mostly for video.  I've been digitizing my DVD collection onto a 2TB external hard drive, which I would plug into the USB port.

I do have a question though.  I bought 2 boards, both with the wi-fi/bluetooth chips.  If I have one board plugged into my TV out front, with the hard drive attached, could I use the 2nd board, connecting over the wi-fi, to access the data on the hard drive from another room?  Basically, wondering if I can have the 2nd board setup in my bedroom and still access the movies on the hard drive connected to the 1st board, without having to move the hard drive between boards.

I plan to run this on Android, but wondering if it will be the best OS for me for a media server?  Is there a different OS that would work better?  I don't really know what all the OS's are, so if someone else is doing a media server, I'd be interested to know how you are setting it up.  Thanks!

RE: Media server - queonda - 04-28-2016

Does not matter for the os, you have options. My recommendation is either plex or kodi. Better to have a wifi router to connect to your network. There our other programs out there, just everyone has a preference.

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RE: Media server - montero65 - 04-28-2016

Ok. And Plex or Kodi would be run on Android, yes?

I have wi-fi at home, was wondering if I could connect the devices over the existing wi-fi I have.


RE: Media server - queonda - 04-28-2016

Yes, you can connect using your existing WiFi. Plex and kodi can run on android, but i dont know if plex can run on android via server mode. I hadn't checked in a bit.

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