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Heat issues - admiral_andersen - 07-28-2019


I have heard that the ROCK64 can run rather hot. I will use mine mainly for streaming. Will a heat sink be enough, or should I get a fan too?

RE: Heat issues - fire219 - 07-28-2019

The Rock64 really shouldn't need a fan under any conditions. A small heatsink is all you need to worry about, and it's still not even completely necessary.

RE: Heat issues - admiral_andersen - 07-30-2019

Thank you very much

RE: Heat issues - daviddyer - 11-03-2019

In my experience, rock64 1gb / usb3 / ext4 root file system, armbian , no heat sink / fan, compile aria2, make will work, make -j 2 will work, make -j3 and up will generate a lot of errors in dmesg / console and failed to compile. I then rebooted and it never went up... I need to physically access the hardware , fsck the file system and disconnect / reconnect the power supply to make rock64 great again.

RE: Heat issues - Jozek - 11-04-2019

From what temperature should I worry? when i use it for video vigilance 65ยบ is the rule

RE: Heat issues - Rocklobster - 11-04-2019

I don't use a heat sink or case and I have the Rock64 running 24/7 as a home automation server under Armbian. I think some of the more exotic distros particularly those who have a heavy video overhead I imagine may need some form of passive cooling particularly those boards that are housed in low profile cases.

The Rock64 is a tinkerers board so you can expect to spend time and effort tailoring your setup to suit your own purposes. Armbian will work out of the box with little or no effort for those looking for a "plug'n'go" solution.