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RE: Log-in - neilman - 11-01-2019

(11-01-2019, 01:00 PM)binarian Wrote:
(11-01-2019, 12:48 PM)Greendan Wrote: Hi Guys

First time on a forum  ( yes, any forum ! )

Received my Pinebook Pro this afternoon. Well packaged, looks great.

Fired it up, anticipation building, only to be confronted with a log-in requesting my username & password ?

Well that's stopped me in my tracks - tried my forum log-in details, they don't work ?

Also, trying various usernames and passwords used elsewhere, I've noticed the @ sign doesn't work when pressing the apostrophe & shift key ? Is this because this character cannot be used in the username field ?

Anyway  - anybody out there able to assist please ?

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place, as I say, not sure what I'm doing as you can probably tell !

Login creds have nothing to do with your forum account, and will vary according to what OS you put on your laptop.  I don't actually know what OS ships by default as I haven't turned mine on yet, but check out the wiki:

Click on the link for your distro (or click on all of them) and try the creds that are there.

Pinebook Pro login is user "rock" password "rock" for the standard user account.

There is also a root account with name "root" password "root" but if you log in as that you'll find things work but "funny"

Don't forget to set up your WiFi credentials and top up the battery charge followed by Mr Fixit's updater (circle next to the battery icon).

Welcome to the club Smile

RE: Pinebook Pro subforum is now live! - Greendan - 11-03-2019

Hi Binarian

Magic - thankyou for that - the @ sign also works as normal thankfully.