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video scoring device for competition skydiving - strictdev - 06-29-2019

Hello, my name is Gary and i'm addicted to technology. I've been developing a handheld device to review video, score points and submit scoresheets. The last couple of months i've been hacking on the raspberry pis with good success. Until I made a 50 item order from adafruit to make a few units, let's just say customer service isn't great at adafruit. After I ordered, I noticed a few items stayed in my cart and weren't added to the shipment. Bringing this up to the adafruit support prompted them to turn package around mid-transit back to the warehouse, cancel my order, and told me to find a new supplier. So here i am.

Here is the current project i'm working on, I'm looking into redesigning these cases for the Pine H64 vB to serve the same purpose.

The current software side consists of GUIslice as the touchscreen interface, with omxplayer sending video to the hdmi screen. I've been using the videocore layering abilities to overlay dynamically generated png images over the video as well. The buttons are configured for scoring points and busts during video replay, additionally for touchscreen interface navigation when not playing video.

I'm not sure what comparable touchscreen I should look into, as I can modify this design to fit just about anything., the 3.5" screen size seems to be a good overall size for this device. I have lots to learn in the pine64 community and will be updating this thread as my project progresses.

Appreciate any advice and constructive criticism from the community. Thanks!