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fight stick module? - mani - 05-31-2019

Hello everyone, I've been building a custom fight stick for a project at my university and I've used Pine64 to program certain things in it. However Im thinking to make it like one of the popular fight sticks, what are the popular ones? I haveĀ  a budget of 1500$ for it, the university funded me for the project, these look fineĀ in my opinion, what do you suggest? also how can I work on Linux with pine64? Thanks!

RE: fight stick module? - Beta-Barrel - 05-31-2019

Sounds like a cool project!
It would help if you posted more information on your current fight stick prototype and i would love to hear more about the project, surely your university didm't just fund a fight stick?
What sort of things did you program into the fight stick, macro's?
"also how can I work on Linux with pine64?"
Are you trying to run linux on the pine or are you trying to connect the pine to a linux computer?