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disappearing sata drives - Mentaluproar - 05-16-2019

I'm running the latest Ayufan openmediavault image and had set debain to update with the testing channel (I need samba time machine support and my understanding is you should never mix stable and testing.). The drives keep disappearing.

I know there's a lot of variables here but where should I start when trying to figure out this problem?

RE: disappearing sata drives - Slam - 05-18-2019

This is probably the issue you face:

RE: disappearing sata drives - Mentaluproar - 05-18-2019

I have the beefiest power supply from pine so that’s not likely it. It’s been running okay for a while but I doubt it will stay. There are a lot of complaints online about this specific controller so I might need to get a different card.