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How to Install Google PlayStore - NightCrawler504 - 05-01-2019

You will need:
1)     Usb type c cable, if you don’t have a type c cable you can also use an adapter
1)     Drivers if you hadn’t installed already:
2)     ADB files (platform tools) from Domo:
Android 7.1:
Android 8.1:
Ok let’s start:
1)     Go to settings/about tablet and tap build number at the end of the menu 7 times, this enables developer options on settings
2)     Verify that usb debugging is enabled on settings/developer options, if it’s on turn off and turn on again
3)     Restart device, wait for it to start…
4)     Connect usb to type c cable (adb only works on the usb type c port)
5)     Go to folder where you downloaded your Platform Tools, hold down the shift key and right click in a white portion inside the explorer window of the platform tools directory while still holding the shift key, select open command window here, wait for screen to open.
6)     Type:
Adb devices
It will start running deamon and do device recognition, if you had already opened adb it will only show available devices, if device does not show verify you have usb debugging enabled and restart again and you have connected usb type c to your computer, not all cables will work if you repeat process and device is not recognized change cable, still not showing try in another usb port on your computer.
7)     Go to Domo guide that is the same as your android version
Android 7.1:
Android 8.1:
Copy paste commands in the same order as Domo instructions.
Copy paste without the ./ at the start of every command
Some commands will auto run if they don’t press enter after pasting
Remember to also run last 2 commands in adb shell after you have restarted device
That’s it, quick and easy, if you have questions comment bellow
Thanks Domo for sharing platform tools.

Link to visual aid in the following video:

RE: How to Install Google PlayStore - pino88 - 04-08-2020

Domo links are no more Active. Could you share the zip file? Thanks

RE: How to Install Google PlayStore - pino88 - 04-08-2020

There is a problem with Domo links. Can someone share that zip file?