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Recommendation for external hdd enclosure - majortom - 03-27-2019

I'm building a NAS with the Rock64 and Openmediavault. To connect an external SSD I read that it is a good idea to get a case with a JMS578 controller.

So I buyed this one:

I connected my SSD with this case. But unfortunately the case only works in USB2 mode. This can be seen from the LED that lights up white for USB2 and blue for USB3. In addition, the performance of the SSD was very bad.  Sad

So this doesn't work.

Can you recommend a 2.5 HDD case for an SSD drive that works well and reliably with the Rock64?

RE: Recommendation for external hdd enclosure - davidm - 05-16-2019


I am not a Rock64 user (yet), but I use a Fantec case for my drives. They have some of them working with USB 3.0, eSata and even some cases with USB 3.1.

The one I have has USB 3.0 and works really well, it keeps the drives at a good temperature since it has a fan controlled automatically by the case depending on the internal temperature.

I chose one without RAID, as it suits better for my configuration, but if you are interested on it you also have some boxes with it.