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Pine Board using linux stuck during boot sequence - ktaragorn - 03-23-2019

I hope this is the right section of the board, I have an issue with the original kickstarter version of PineA64. I am trying to use Xenial Minimal Image by long sleep to run on my board.

The board was running fine for years now, since shortly after i got it, using the originally supplied Ubuntu image originally, trimmed down into a server style setup. However suddenly it stopped working, and when I plugged in a display, I see that it is hung during boot, with a huge dmesg log displayed and ending with " Press enter to go into maintainence, or Control + D to continue " the words may not be exactly correct.. Pressing enter drops me into a console, while control D continues the freeze. After trying a couple of things, I decided to do a clean flash.. I got the image mentioned earlier by longsleep and flashed it with balena Etcher onto the sd card (this was also purchased along with the board itself). After this it boots fine, and when I try to setup a few things and reboot it, it comes to this hung state again. I was very happy with this board as a Fileserver/NAS setup and i hope it is possible to figure this out, but my fear is it might be a hardware issue.. or perhaps it is a SD card issue. It would be good if I could verify one or the other. I have attached 2 dmesg logs, both after a clean flash -> reboot. Attempt 1 Attempt 2