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Libreelec, Infrared, 1080p, "Restart" - gigagames - 03-16-2019


i currently using a Rock64 with Libreelec 9.0.1

1. When i start the Rock and Play a video, the Rock stops working and does nothing (Not Restarting, LED stops flashing, no sound and freeze frame on screen)
When i start the Rock and after booting Restart it, everthing works fine then. Why? Is there a Way to Automatic Restart the Rock on first boot?

2. 1080p videos from my Disk works fine, but Youtube / Netflix lags (video and Audio asynchron, after pressing stop, video still running for 2-3sec) what can i do, that 1080p Netflix / YT works also on the Rock?

3. How can i get the Infrared receiver working on the Rock? And is there a way to "start" the Rock with Infrared ?