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GPU acceleration? - Brian Beuken - 03-09-2019

Very happy to have a nice RockPro 64 in my collection and was putting it though its paces. But I am having some issues with the GPU drivers.

I've got a couple of other RK3399 boards, and they are all basically clocked the same etc, but they do differ quite a bit on GPU performance. The RockPro64 does not seem to come with on board GLES drivers on Ubuntu, so I installed Mesa. This worked (it usually does) but at much less than the performance of the Rock Pi4 which has the same GPU and similar to the Nano Pi NEO4.

I'm going to assume then that the GPU drivers are not currently fully implemented, so is there any timescale when there will be full GPU acceleration to experiment with GLES3.0+ and Vulkan? Or can someone tell me if one of the other OS's has GPU acceleration?

RE: GPU acceleration? - Brian Beuken - 05-29-2019

quiet in here....... <tumbleweed>

RE: GPU acceleration? - Luke - 05-29-2019

So, I am probably not the right person to answer this question but since no one else responded.
Both the newest pre-releases from @ayufan and Debian desktop (and minimal) OS images from @Mrfixit2001 have 3D and 2D acceleration.

These are two desktop images but there are plenty others - e.g. Recalbox or LibreELEC - OS images that make use of the GPU too for games and other media.

As for drivers, there isn't a Vulkan driver for the RK3399 ... at least not yet.

RE: GPU acceleration? - Brian Beuken - 05-30-2019

thank you I will try these and see.
I'm not so interested in Vulkan drivers at the moment, mostly focusing on OpenGLES2.0 and 3.0+ to put the GPU through its paces.