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Tutorial[ Multimedia ] : Play DVD movies - tuxd3v - 02-26-2019

Hello All,
DvD movies have a security system called  css ..
Without a proper Library capable of reading the Dvd you will not be able to play movies..

Pay attention to the Legislation on your Country, in case its ok.. Team have a library, for that, but they don't provide a aarch64 package..
I haven't found it in the ayufan repo, with the correct name..but its there with 'libdvd-pkg' , its a package that automates the process of downloading, compiling and installing, but I got Errors with it..

So I compiled the Source Code..
The last version is 1.4.2.

1). Clone the project:
cd /opt && git clone --branch 1.4.2 && cd libdvdcss

2). Remake Gnu Build system files in all dirs to default to '.'
autoreconf -i

3). Configure with prefix to install in '/usr/local'( its already the default..)
./configure CFLAGS="-O3 -march=armv8-a+simd+crypto+crc -mtune=cortex-a72.cortex-a53" --prefix=/usr/local

4). Compile the code
make -j4

 5). If no errors, install:

make install
6). Check if Libraries are really there:
root@rockpro64:/opt/libdvdcss# find /usr -name libdvdcss\*

7). Remove all the downloaded source code:
cd / && rm -rf /opt/libdvdcss


Now the player,
I think for now the best option is the mpv, or any skin for it, ..bsplayer?
I use bsplayer which uses mpv beneath, and its easy to configure legends, sound tracks and so on.., it seems to consume less resources..

Hope you enjoy,
Best Regards