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How much force does it take to insert a SOPINE module? - jbobspants - 01-17-2019

This question is specifically for the Clusterboard, and as dumb as it sounds, I'm serious here.

I've inserted countless sticks of RAM before, and while sometimes it takes a little force, I've never felt like I was about to break the motherboard trying to get them to snap in. My Clusterboard, on the other hand, takes so much force that I'm afraid the SOPINE module is going to fold in half.

Does anyone else have to push insanely hard to get their SOPINEs inserted? I've tried cleaning the slots with compressed air, and obviously I have the notch lined up...they won't go in backwards, but they really don't want to go in forwards, either.

For the record, I bought my Clusterboard from ameriDroid back in August. They have the disclaimer about being a pilot batch of boards with a pull-up wire glued on for the eMMC. I remember worrying that I was going to break something when I installed my first two SOPINEs back then, but I got them in and running. This week I pulled them out for some testing on the Baseboard, and now I don't think I can get them back into the Clusterboard at all. Maybe it's due to the temperature being several degrees cooler in my house this time of year, it's like the plastic has contracted or hardened to the point where the modules just won't go in.

I can't believe my board is any different from the rest of the batch, but it's surprising I can't find any posts at least mentioning this issue.