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Motherboard PCI-E questions - Debbie - 01-10-2019

Good evening everyone. So I have been reading and reading and cannot find an answer anywhere so decided to try here. I bought a Intel 7 Lenovo Yoga 720-151KB laptop a few years ago and am still very happy with it. All I use it for is gaming. I decided to check my specs today because my drivers were out of date with Speccy and it says my motherboard will accommodate 4 PCI-E x1 slots and only one is filled and 1 PCI-E x4 slot which is not filled. I am currently only running the very first PCI-E x1 card. From what I am seeing it can increase the computers power with each card. It is already a very fast computer I am happy with it but if I could upgrade it I could only be happier. Who isnt happy with more speed right? I have changed out power cords and video cards on desktop computers but have never messed with a laptop. What kind of a system boost if any would I get if I upraded and filled all these slots? And I am also running a NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 card and was wondering if that could be upgraded or should I just leave that be. Any answers would be appreciated but especially about the PCI-E cards. Thanks again.