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so installed minimal then xubuntu, major screen tearing. - Martronic - 12-14-2018

so i have installed the minimal ubuntu 18.04 image and then i installed the xubuntu-desktop metapackage with recommends. i have noticed some pretty crazy screen tearing.... there hasn't been anything that has much mention (i searched the forums and the irc logs and there is not a whole lot of concise information on the subject....... i just want to have a thread on this.... 

you can tell me to buzz off if needed but i have almost all i need other then the screen tearing.... its also an issue in my main linux laptop but i don't really care about that as its mostly for work but this is being used for media consumption...

RE: so installed minimal then xubuntu, major screen tearing. - fosf0r - 12-17-2018

Beware, ROCKPRO64 is a hardcore SBC for developers.
Out of the box, most things have to be "fixed", or at least changed.

I have already done quite a bit of work on video, but not for X11.
X11/xorg isn't very good in RK, because GL doesn't exist, and the provided armsoc driver has no acceleration, and the kernel is missing rkmpp and rkvdec (for HEVC/4K/x265/PRIME) by default if you're using ayufan's images. The latest version/kernel may not have working HDMI i2s sound either, beware of that as well.

If you replace armsoc driver with fbturbo it should be MUCH nicer.
But not 100%.

- Please backup this file before doing anything in case you want to go back to armsoc driver: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-armsoc.conf
- GL acceleration doesn't exist (not related to which driver you use; RK3399 has no GL, period)
--> if you continue to use armsoc, you get software GL at least, sorta, kinda. I think? I quit trying to mess with GL a long time ago. At least GLES2 works and is accelerated.
--> you might have to install the gbm driver again after making changes or if anything weirds out on you: ' apt install libmali-rk-midgard-t86x-r14p0-gbm --reinstall '
- Once using fbturbo, programs that contain their own acceleration should be turned OFF, yes OFF. (Chrome/ium, Firefox, smplayer - use "X11 slow", and xfce4/MATE compositor must be DISABLED). Counterintuitively, the more you disable each app's built-in acceleration, the faster things will go. fbturbo basically takes software graphics calls and forces them to be accelerated. So if Chrome/Chromium/Firefox is trying to directly accelerate things, it will actually go slower until you tell the program to use software rendering - then suddenly it will accelerate again, like I said, counterintuitively.
- There's probably a bunch of gnarly caveats that I've forgotten, because both because xorg is really hard to use on RK3399, and because I moved away from X11, to framebuffer console + kodi.
- This fbturbo/armsoc situation still has nothing to do with playing videos, those will still play horribly, it's a different problem ->


Kernel 4.4.138-1100 is the only one I can recommend currently.

RE: so installed minimal then xubuntu, major screen tearing. - Martronic - 12-19-2018

well i would be fine using just kodi if there was a way to get some modern web browser available.... (for things like youtube tv or something like that... )

what about trying to get a build of chrome OS running? i would be totally down for that... or make it so chrome is running as it would in chrome os (im not sure if it is at an int with out x or not...) some i could have the choice to load up a pseudo-desktop environment....... or maybe even "multiboot" for the options... im not sure... i am going for computer development in 2020... i am currently in a computer network and administration AAS at the moment but i am going to be doing programming later on and i would love to start trying to get chrome os running (it if were possible...

i am just on the cusp of being helpful with code and low level linux stuff but not quite... that is one reason why i got this board... plus it has a lot better IO throughput so i was eventually going to use it for a DLNA media server... and maybe some kind of small web server eventually...

RE: so installed minimal then xubuntu, major screen tearing. - elatllat - 12-28-2018

There is gl4es but since pine is still not supporting Linux it may be easyer to go with an alternative like for some uses.