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Flashing Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC rom to ROCK64 - fender90 - 11-26-2018

Hi guys.

After multiple attempts to get a regular "tablet" Android version for Rock64 board I came across the ROC-RK3328-CC board from Libre computer which is very similar to Rock 64.

So I decided to create a hybrid rom using the Android 7.1.2 from Rock64 and ROC-RK3328-CC. However before trying this I would like to hear your opinions if this will work.

Here are the suggested steps
1. Download the Android 7.1.2 rom for  ROC-RK3328-CC  from here
2. Open Android Tool Firmware tab and load the rom as shown in the image
[Image: 12293903.png]

3.Take the original Rock64 7.1.2 Rom (EMMC version) and unpack it using the 3rd tab in Android Tool
[Image: 12293949.png]

4. Go to the first tab and check the following options Loader, Parameters and Resources
[Image: 12294010.png]

5. Select the checked files from the output folder where we unpacked the original Rock64 rom

6. Just to make sure that we get no errors, disconnect the device, wait 30 sec, reconnect it in Maskrom mode

7. Press Run.

What are the chances that this will work?
Any suggestions?