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pinebook 1080p - eclay - 11-20-2018

I must of missed the announcement and can't seem to find any specific details about the new 1080p pinebooks.  Can anyone confirm weather this is just the 11.6" or if it also includes the 14" pinebook that now comes with a 1080p display.

RE: pinebook 1080p - Noxmiles - 11-21-2018

afaik the 14" version is not being build anymore

RE: pinebook 1080p - soupbowl - 11-22-2018

Yeah I'm really confused by this too. Seems like all of a sudden some started shipping with 1080p screens.

Would also like to know if the screen parts you can buy in the store at 1080p, and work with non-HD 14" models.