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Stock Android for 1080P Pinebook - pineadmin - 11-19-2018

Added Stock Android 6.0.1 (1080P Pinebook) 20181001 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.

RE: Stock Android for 1080P Pinebook - ramboton - 11-24-2018

I just wanted to thank the people who made this happen, as far as I am concerned Android is the most usable OS for the pinebook 1080. While some may be annoyed by the features that are intended for a touch screen, there are a large number of apps that work perfectly. Unlike the various linux flavors, I was able to establish a VPN connection and run chrome remote desktop to connect to my computer at work. I was also able to run teamviewer, as well as sync my work email etc. This machine can now be a low cost, high battery life unit that I can take with me and allows me to get things done.