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HDMI - rpm - 11-14-2018

Enjoying the new 1080p 11" Pinebook and would love to do a presentation with it at sometime. Tested the HDMI last luck. After looking at the OS table google doc, it seems like *maybe* anarsoul's build has working HDMI....but it's missing some other features.

My question is: is HDMI functionality possible? 

Would love to keep the default KDE OS, but would try another if it meant I could use this as a slideshow machine.

RE: HDMI - cvmiller - 11-15-2018

I too look forward to getting the HDMI working. I am just waiting for my mini-HDMI adapter to arrive to start testing it.

RE: HDMI - Luke - 11-16-2018

HDMI will/ does work on mainline images. Those are showing up now in volume as devs get their hands on them. Try the LXQT manjaro (as an example) - HDMI out on it should work