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Pinebook 11" keyboard - cvmiller - 11-12-2018

Hi All,

Just go my 11" Pinebook. The first thing I noticed is the keyboard. Some of the most used linux keys are buried under function key, like the PIPE '|' and the Quotes (double and single).  It is like there is a diagonal row of keys missing between the semi-colon, and the "Enter" key.

Anyone have any good keyboard remapping tricks to make these keys more accessible?


RE: Pinebook 11" keyboard - eblot - 11-13-2018

Same issue here but I guess this topic belong to the Pinebook group.

RE: Pinebook 11" keyboard - cvmiller - 11-13-2018

Thanks, since I am a noob at the Pinebook (not to Linux), I started here. I*ll move this to the pinebook group.