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Wake on LAN - ootoovak - 11-08-2018


So, I have just got my wonderful RockPro64 and NAS enclosure going and I'm now starting to get the software set up. One thing I have noticed though is that after a while with no activity the RockPro64 (RP64) seems to go to sleep and no longer responds to an `ssh` login attempt.

Does anyone know if the RP64 can be set up with either `wakeonlan` or `eitherwake`? (I read somewhere about the BIOS needing to support this.)

I think I'll just give it a go but would be interested to hear from others if they think that is the right approach for a NAS/Docker setup. Perhaps not letting it sleep at all will be best. ?

Thanks in advance for any help!

RE: Wake on LAN - Luke - 11-08-2018

Strange that it doesn't respond. Which OS do you have loaded up ? OMV ? This shouldn't happen. What do logs say ?

There is no BIOS - uboot.

RE: Wake on LAN - ootoovak - 11-08-2018

I am using Ayufan's bionic-containers-rockpro64-0.7.9-1067-arm64 image. I'll check the logs next time it happens and report back. Good to know the not waking isn't expected behaviour, cheers.

RE: Wake on LAN - ootoovak - 11-09-2018

Seems to be working ok now. Perhaps an update I've installed since has fixed it. I'm not sure. Will report back if it happens again.